Is it Nail Fungus? Quick checklist.

Have a concern with your nails? Not sure if this strange looking nail has been infected with nail fungus? The quick check below can help.
Nail Psoriasis

Often but not always will have other symptoms of psoriasis on the skin
Yellowish nails that differ from the base of the nail
Severity often associated with symptom severity on the skin

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus often starts with a spot
Yellow color contrasts with pink of unaffected nail
Slowly progressive
Contagious, may spread to other nails or feet, or other people

Nail Trauma Image

Often painful
Blood may pool
You likely know the cause
Self-healing. If it does not heal within two weeks, see a doctor.

Please remember that there is no substitute for professional diagnosis by a doctor if you want to be sure.